Special Mission:
Special Advent Mission: 1st-24th December 2009

This mission is now complete - but you can still browse the submissions, add comments and favorites.

The Advent Mission was the first "special mission" run on TweakToday, and as such was a bit of an experiment. The concept was that, each day between December 1st-24th, mission participants would reveal a submission created by another participant (like opening the door on an advent calendar) and could create their own submissions which would be received by someone else on a different day.

During the mission, all submissions were anonymous. The big reveal happened on December 25th, when the submissions stopped being anonymous and each users "mission calendar" (which submissions that participant received and what they created on each day) became public.

Some users took the opportunity to create themed collections of submission, one for each day of advent. There were certainly lots of lovely pictures of food and Christmas landscapes. Please browse the galleries of submissions using the menu top-right.

How to browse

  • View the Mission Leaderboard which lets you browse mission participants. This includes a link to each user's "mission calendar" a fun way to browse the submission they created and the the comments and favorites they received.
  • View the Submissions Leaderboard which lets you browse all the submissions made for this mission and quickly see the comments and favorites they received
  • Use the menu top-right of this page to view other pages associated with this mission. If you participated, and are logged-in, you will also find a link to your mission calendar