Frequently Asked Questions

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So, what’s this site all about?
The idea behind Tweak Today is that users rally behind a simple mission every day, and submit photos, videos, or “tweets” about it. The goal is to add something novel to your day that, maybe, you’ve never done before.
Isn’t it weird to associate something positive, like this site, with something negative, like Meth addiction?
Tweak Today does not endorse Meth addictions. We use the word “tweak” to mean an adjustment, or a slight change.
I’m new here, what’s the best way to get started?
Take a look at some previous missions to get a feel for what’s going on, and then jump in! Choose a mission that sounds fun and add a submission. Most of the activity will be around today’s mission, but older missions will stay open for anyone to contribute to.
Is there an iphone app?
Yes! You can find out more at IPhoneAppPreview.
What are the site Terms & Conditions and other Policies?
Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions, Community Standards and Privacy Policy. You can find links to these in the footer, at the bottom of every page.


How do I submit a mission idea?
Visit the New Missions page and enter your idea into the form. You can submit as many as you want and they will be voted on by the community.
What makes for a good mission?
  • Good missions encourage interaction with the community
  • Good missions are accessible
  • Good missions happen both online and offline
  • Good missions don't cost money
  • Good missions ask participants to follow up with a summary
  • Good missions are fun
How is a mission chosen?
Each night, the mission with the highest score is removed from the queue and scheduled 1 day in advance. If there are more than 1 missions with the same (highest) score, the mission with the greatest popularity is chosen. Some missions are better for weekdays and some are better for weekends. For this reason, we will sometimes adjust the day that the mission is scheduled to run. You can influence which missions are chosen on weekends and weekdays by adding the text "+weekend" or "+weekday" to a comment against a particular mission.
How do I get my missions chosen?
Tell your friends! Each mission suggestion has a permalink URL. Post those URLs on Twitter, Facebook or in your IM status to get people thinking about your mission. The more people who see it, the more votes you’ll receive.
Why did my mission suggestion disappear?
If a mission has been voted down past a SECRET threshold of votes, it’s removed from the queue. Feel free to adjust the concept and re-add your suggestion if you think it still has a chance at being selected.
I see a totally offensive mission. What should I do about it?
Flag it! When you’re logged in, there will be a “flag” link next to each submission and mission suggestion. After you flag something, an admin will review the offensive material and remove it from the site if it doesn’t gel with the community standards.
What if I can’t do the mission because I don’t have the necessary ingredients/items/locations/pets?
While we try to be as inclusive as possible, sometimes the wording of a mission excludes people. If you find yourself in that position, we encourage you to get creative! There are no rules for participation, and some of the best submissions don’t strictly adhere to the mission. For example, tylerg’s excellent submission for the “Stack stuff on your pet.”


Is there a way to create a submission from my mobile device?
Twitter allows updates via SMS. There are also many mobile apps that support Twitter (e.g. Twitterific for the iPhone). If you associate your Twitter account with Tweak Today, we can import your mobile tweets. See the Web Services page for more information.
Is there a way to email submission photos?
Flickr allows email uploads. You must add “tags: tweaktoday” to the body of the email if you want to create a submission. Any other body text will become the submission description. Awesome, right?

Web Services (Flickr, Twitter, etc.)

What is a Web Service
When we use the term “Web Service,” we mean a 3rd party-website that you have an account with. You can share content between these websites and Tweak Today.
Which Web Services are supported?
We currently support importing content from Flickr and Twitter, and exporting content to Facebook. There are other websites that allow users to import RSS feeds, which we provide on your profile page. If you are using RSS feeds with another Web Service, let us know!
Is there a Facebook Application?
Yes. Once you add the Facebook Application, we will publish a story to your profile whenever you create a submission. Visit the Tweak Today Facebook Application page to add it.
What’s with this handshake dealie? How does that work?
Handshakes are a way for Tweak Today to verify that an account belongs to you, without asking for your password. When you add your “handshake tag” to the other service (Flickr, Twitter, etc.) we know that you have consented to Tweak Today using that content.
Do I need to do the handshake each time?
No. Once you have verified your account with the handshake, you will never need to do it again.
What if I want to post a photo for a previous mission?
If you’re using a web service (Flickr, Twitter, etc.) to create a submission for a mission other than today’s, you will need to use a “date tag.” Date tags are in the format “YYYY-MM-DD“, (e.g. 2009-01-22). You can also upload submissions directly by visiting the mission page.
Is there a way to switch the photo thats posted?
To change a submission photo, you must delete the submission and add a new one.
How does the Web Services relationship work?
Tweak Today uses background scripts which routinely ask the services if they have any new content tagged with “tweaktoday.” This happens about every 10 minutes. If there is new content, we convert it into a Tweak Today submission. This means that the Tweak Today submission will persist even if you delete the post from the other service.


How do I upload a video?
Enter the URL of a video detail page into the submission form. Note that this is not the URL of the video file, or the embed code. It is the URL in your browser’s location field. Video URLs look like this:
What video services can I use?
The video services which are currently supported are YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.
Can I upload a video directly?


My note/photo/video isn’t showing up. Did I do something wrong?
Step 1) Refresh the page. Sometimes a new submission doesn’t show up if the page is cached. Step 2) Still not showing up? It’s probably our fault. Email the admin and describe the problem. If you're experiencing a bug, we want to know about it so it can be fixed.
Who should I contact in the event of a problem?
Email the admin.

Contact / Suggestions

I think the site would be more successful if you just did _____. Would you want to know or should I just keep my suggestions to myself?
We would love to know any feedback you have for the site. Please contact us with any suggestions.
Is Tweak Today open source?
While Tweak Today isn’t strictly open source, we would love community involvement with development and design. Please contact us if you would like to contribute. Tweak Today is written with Ruby on Rails, but front end development would also be appreciated.
If my question wasn’t answered above, how can I contact Tweak Today?
How can I keep up-to-date with new missions, features, etc.?
You can follow Tweak Today on Twitter and become a fan of Tweak Today on Facebook. Updates to the website will be shared on both. All new missions are announced on Twitter and you can also get a nightly email of each new mission by subscribing to them in your account settings.