Community Standards

This document was last updated on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 at 22:00 GMT

About this community

This website aims to foster a community that is intelligent, creative, collaborative and lawful in order to provide an environment for enjoyment, entertainment and imaginative exploration. This site is meant to be fun and in order to keen it running smoothly, legally and in good humour, we ask that our users adhere to the guidelines set out below.


This is a public site for adults, and has a community with a wide variety of experiences and opinions. We encourage active and open debate and expression of ideas. Therefore, you may find some of the content posted here offensive or inappropriate because the opinions or arguments made differ from your own.

You should not use this site to try and broadcast your beliefs and/or force others to change their opinions and beliefs. You must accept other peoples points of view and beliefs, and be tolerant.
We do require that you conduct yourself in a lawful and civil manner whilst using this website, in posting content, using our API and other associated applications (iphone app, facebook page etc).

Rudeness and offense

It is not acceptable to be rude to users of this website. It is not acceptable to be deliberately offensive to users of this website, either individually or in general.


While swearing is permitted, we do prefer more creative forms or profanity. Swearing for the sake of it, or where you know it will offend will not be tolerated.

Prohibited Activities

You may not use, or allow others to use, your membership to:


While we can't review all transmissions by our users, we reserves the right to monitor any information transmitted or received through our service. At our sole discretion, and without prior notice, we may at any time review, edit, remove, or otherwise block any material posted on this website or terminate your membership for violating our community guidelines or terms and conditions.

You are responsible for all statements made and acts that occur through the use of your membership and password. Please don't disclose your password to anybody. If your password has been stolen, you must contact us immediately.

If you want to alert moderators to potentially illegal, offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, please "flag" that item of content using the links provided. If you feel that a particular issue is more serious, such as the actions of a serial poster of illegal or offensive content, then please contact

Why moderate?

We have a responsibility to maintain the quality of content which appears on our site. The aim of moderation is not censorship, but ensuring that the content posted to the site remain appropriate, intelligent and lawful.

Can we discuss moderation?

We won't discuss specific situations, cases or decisions in public, because we feel that's inappropriate.

When is content removed?

Comments are removed by moderators if they go against the Community Standards (this document), which every participant on the site is bound by.

What content is removed when it is moderated?

Usually the entire content item is removed when it is moderated, rather that a portion of it being edited. This is appropriate as we cannot be sure we would edit the content in a manner which the author would approve.

My content didn't break any rules – why was it removed?

In some cases, content may have to be removed if it quotes from or refer explicitly to an other content which failed to meet the Community Standards. On other occasions, we may have been instructed to remove content by the authorities or for copyright reasons when we are asked by copyright holders. Wherever possible we endeavour to leave content on the site and attempt to notify users when content is removed. Where possible we will try and prompt users to alter content where it can be rewritten to comply with these standards.

Will you give public notifications and reasons for removing content?

If possible, and appropriate, yes. But this is difficult to do because of the volume of content on the site which may make this an unbearable burden (cost/time).

Do you pre or post moderate?

We reactively or post-moderate nearly all content, which means that comments generally appear on the site before they've been seen by a moderator, meaning that content may appear on the site which may later be removed.

How do we decide what is removed?

Moderators use the Community Standards as the basis for any moderation decision, combined with the context of the conversation, as well as reports and complaints from the community (flagged content). Naturally, we use our judgement and may, on occasion, err on the side of cautious. We are sorry if you feel that content has been moderated unfairly.

It's important to bear in mind that the ability to post content doesn't mean it's automatically OK: we reserve the right to remove content at any time which does not comply with these standards.

What happens if I break the rules?